Are We Listening???

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I was the guest speaker at Unity of Central Massachusetts (UCM) and I talked about embracing a vision and a mission that expresses through us every day. After the Sunday celebration service, I facilitated a workshop to discuss, in greater detail, how we could bring the vision and mission to life in our community.

We had a great time. The music was lively. The sharing was authentic. People focused on listening…really hearing what others had to say. And it filled me with joy to be a part of it all! I love facilitating these types of exchanges. I have learned that we grow when we are willing to listen to other ideas. Sharing is important, but I believe we need to remain open to listening in order to experience a complete awakening.

There is an affirmation that came out of my talk that I’d like to share here as well. It works for EVERYTHING.

“I am willingly open to all possibilities.” Repeat, repeat, repeat…

Feel free to use it in your daily spiritual practice. See what happens…you can share the results in the comments below. Let’s continue the sharing and the listening, friends.



In Love and Light,



  1. Reblogged this on When Women Inspire and commented:
    I encourage you to read Kathleen Kerswig’s short but well-written blog post here. The included affirmation is one that can bring beautiful opportunities our way. Congratulations Kathleen on being a guest speaker recently at Unity of Central Massachusetts too!

    ♥ Christy

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