Coincidence…I Think Not :)

Synchronicity is one of my favorite words. I no longer believe in coincidence. After reviewing many of the significant events in my life, I noticed that “coincidences” lined up perfectly to allow me to move forward on my spiritual journey. It must be something more than just coincidences though. I believe it is synchronicity and it continues to amaze me.

Yesterday, I shared about my blessed opportunity to share ideas about harmony and oneness with the congregation at Unity of Central Massachusetts (UCM). And, right on time, here is the quote I read this morning:

“Joy is the realization of the truth of one-ness, the oneness of our soul with the supreme love.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Coincidence or synchronicity? Could it be that the Universe is on my side, showing me and reinforcing universal truths? I believe the Universe is on my side and I also believe that my purpose in life is to share these truths with as many people as possible. If they are universal, they are true for everyone. That’s why I share it all here whenever I can.

I’m feeling joyful today. I am vibrant and full of zeal, focused on enjoying all that Life has to offer. According to the reading, this joy I’m feeling is a result of realizing the truth of my oneness with everyone and everything. I like it! I love it! Bring on the day…I’m ready!

Blessings dear friends!

In Love and Light,



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