I’m Not Starting Over!

I’ve had yet another powerful revelation and it came to me in the nail salon of all places! I realized I’m not starting over after all. What does this mean? Let me see if I can explain this.

Ever since I decided to move from Florida to New England, I’ve been using the phrase ‘starting over again’. That’s what it felt like…giving up my apartment, leaving a job, moving 1600 miles away…it felt like everything was ending and I was going to have to start from scratch.

Yesterday, I realized this was not true at all! Suddenly, as the nail tech was polishing my nails, it occurred to me that I was bringing so much with me. It’s not really about the material possessions. It’s about the life lessons I’ve learned that I can share with people anywhere. It’s about the things I’ve been learning in school that I can put to good use at my new Unity center in Worcester, MA. (Click here to visit the website)

Wow, this hit me like a ton of bricks, although I’m hoping they didn’t notice anything different about me while I was getting my nails done! LOL! It’s this slight shift in thinking that empowers me to move forward. It’s these little moments that give me an extra jolt to continue pursuing my goals and dreams.

It’s an incredible ability to have and we all have it. At any moment, in any given set of circumstances, we can shift our thinking just enough to get a brand new perspective. That’s what happened for me yesterday. I’ll bet it’s happened for some of you, too, from time to time. Here’s to more shifting of thinking. Life is a grand experiment! Thanks for reading, friends!


In Love and Light,


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