Open Mind and Heart

The future is bright. There are so many opportunities to choose from and there are more and more each day. What should I do now? Which opportunity shall I choose this time?

Since there are so many possibilities to choose from, I want to be sure I keep my mind and my heart open to everything. I won’t miss a thing if I’m focused on being awake and alert, right?

That used to be one of my fears…that I would miss out on something great and magnificent. I found out this won’t happen if I’m living out my days by being present in the moment. I can’t miss out because there are an infinite number of possibilities available to me every day! You can’t beat that.

I recently shared some affirmations with friends regarding a certain set of circumstances. These affirmations included the following:

“We open our minds and our hearts to all possibilities. Everything is unfolding smoothly…”

I’m using these for my personal set of circumstances now as well. It’s amazing how peaceful I become as soon as I realize the truth behind these prayers. I recognize that all is well, in this moment. I recognize that everything is exactly as it should be, even when I cannot tell where I’m being led. I recognize that anything is possible.

Just for today, I will remain open, with heart and mind, to all opportunities presenting themselves to me. I am whole and complete, in this moment, and I am open to all the Universe has to offer. This puts a big smile on my face and I’m filled with gratitude to know this is my reality.¬†Blessings everyone!

In Love and Light,




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