Permission Granted

I woke up this morning and I asked myself a question: What will I grant permission to today? Will I allow fear and worry to rule my emotions? Will I consent to peace of mind occupying my consciousness today? Hmm…what shall I do? 😉

I’m attempting to be funny here, but the truth is I sometimes forget I am in charge of my life. I’m the one who “grants permission” to those thoughts that linger just a little bit longer. It’s important for me to remember this. Otherwise, if I’m not careful, I can fall into the trap of allowing negative thoughts to fester and grow.

Not today though. Today I’m committed to living out my day in positive awareness. Today I’m committed to giving power to the productive ideas that come to me. I will not give power to negative or worrisome thoughts.

I am in control of where I direct my power and this is what I refer to as my power of choice. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it. It’s empowering to recognize and acknowledge that I have the power of choice. In fact, that thought alone brings me a sense of comfort and excitement, because it means I create my daily experiences. I am not living each day at the mercy of someone else’s ideas.

So, today is all about granting permission to those thoughts and ideas that build me up. Today is about giving my consent to pursuing that which will enhance my life experience. Today is about me. And it can be about you too…blessings dear friends!


In Love and Light,



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