Simultaneous Blessings

Don’t you love it when everything happens at once? And I don’t mean just the negative or challenging stuff. I mean the exciting, exhilarating, high energy stuff! It’s amazing!

I’ve been working hard to get things to fall into place and, suddenly, I’m beginning to reap the rewards. I’m getting calls for interviews, I’ve taken assessments for staffing agencies, and I’m working from home to get school and church responsibilities completed in a timely manner.

It’s time for me to pat myself on the back and say “good job”! I don’t do that often. Do you? It’s not easy to take credit for accomplishments, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. As I acknowledge how much is getting done, the motivation within me multiplies tenfold. I’m pumped!

Simultaneous blessings happen to us all the time. I think today is a day to acknowledge them. Are you with me?

See you tomorrow!

In Love and Light,




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