My Support System

I was sitting in my bedroom last night, reflecting on my to-do list, when suddenly I looked up and saw my graduation autograph dog, laying on my bed. This is a stuffed dog, wearing a graduation hat, and it has love notes written all over it from my friends in Florida. As I looked at it, tears welled up in my eyes and a big, bright smile came across my face. It was a beautiful moment.

I earned a Master’s degree in Human Services from Walden University in 2015. I did not attend the graduation ceremony to receive my diploma, so I decided to celebrate with my friends by having a party. I wanted to “walk” to commemorate the occasion, so my friends formed an aisle. They formed two lines, facing each other and I walked down that aisle in my cap and gown. I ceremoniously moved my tassel to the other side, noting completion of this part of my education, once I reached the end of the line. It felt great to do this! Here’s a picture of my entrance:

032815_Grad entrance_KK

The autograph dog is a memento of that day. It is covered with written words of loving encouragement and congratulations along with signatures of my dear friends. Many friends attended and they assured me that even greater blessings were coming my way. Boy, were they right!

I wanted to share this with you because it has filled my heart with joy to remember that day. I miss my friends who live in Fort Myers, but they are here with me in these memories. I see the notes, I read the loving encouragement, and I see the signatures of friends who will always be in my heart. I’m so glad I celebrated earning this degree with them. I’m also glad I bought the silly dog…I had no idea how much it would mean to me three years later.

Have a great day friends! Blessings!

In Love and Light,




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