Last Minute Details

Yesterday was the beginning of  Week 9 for a 10-week semester. This is crunch-time, my friends. Everything is due, or almost due, this week. On top of that, I will be attending an intensive class and participating in two significant interviews next week that are designed to determine if I’m on track in school. Woo hoo! I’m excited!

Actually, I’m not kidding. I truly mean it…I’m excited. I’m thrilled because I’m moving forward with achieving my goals. After next week’s events, I will have completed seven semesters, which means I’m almost halfway through my classes. I’m in a five-year program. It sounded like a long time at first. But now, I’m almost at the end of my second year. How did that happen so quickly??!! Wink, wink!

This morning I told a friend of mine that I’m very happy to be on this path. I’m doing what I love to do. I’m learning more every day. I’m stretching myself to get more creative with these projects. And, I’m releasing the need to be perfect. I didn’t start this program to get these kinds of results. They are a by-product of plodding ahead, one day at a time, completing one task at a time.

Today, I will move ahead, completing assignments, putting the final touches to talk preparations and documenting the rest of the workshop details. It’s a blessing to have these things to do. I don’t “have” to do them…I “get” to do them. That shift in thinking brings a beautiful attitude adjustment. I’m grateful.

Have a magnificent day!

In Love and Light,





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