Freedom in Letting Go

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“Today I will accept my life as it unfolds and enjoy the freedom and serenity of letting go.” ~ In God’s Care, Daily Meditations

There is freedom in letting go. I’ve experienced it firsthand. I also know that serenity comes with that freedom. To be peaceful in the midst of chaos is one of the most precious gifts available to us, if only we are willing to let go.

Willingness is the challenge sometimes. I’m not always willing to take the actions I know I really must take. There are days when I want what I want and I want it right away! The good news is I hardly ever throw temper tantrums anymore – Wink, wink! But I still have those days where I just want everyone to follow me and do what I say. It would make life so much easier, right?!

Here is what I’ve learned so far – when I allow my life to unfold naturally, I enjoy it even more. When I try to orchestrate events and control people, I don’t have much fun and the results are sometimes disastrous. I know this now, so it’s up to me to release, sit back, and allow. No one can make me do this…it’s up to me to make this choice.

So, today I will accept the circumstances of my life, as they are right now, and I will watch, in great anticipation, to see how it all turns out. I am willing to take the actions that are mine to take. I just don’t need to control the outcome.

It’s exciting to live this way. I think I’ll keep on keepin’ on! Have a wonderful day, friends!

In Love and Light,







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