End of a Semester

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I’ve been attending Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute for almost two years now. I’m a ministerial student in the Master’s of Divinity program and I never knew I could enjoy school as much as I do now. Every class has given me new insight regarding who I am, how I react, and how I can evolve on every level. It’s been amazing so far!

I’ve had a tremendous amount of help through this process. I’m taking classes on a part-time basis, so it will take five years for me to complete the program. My friends and family have helped me with tuition costs and travel expenses (two trips to Missouri each year), not to mention the overwhelming love and support I receive on a daily basis.

As I prepare for testing this coming Monday and Tuesday, I just want to publicly thank everyone who has loved me unconditionally while I walk this path. Some friends have offered to help me in continuing to take classes, so I will post the link here for anyone who would like to join in. School loans are not an option, so all donations are sincerely appreciated.

YouCaring.com – KK – Becoming a Minister

It’s been a while since I updated that site, so, for the record, I’m getting good grades in my classes and I’m receiving excellent feedback from the instructors. I’m grateful for this opportunity and I plan to continue working hard as I move into this next phase of my life. I believe this is exactly what I was born to do…I’m overflowing with gratitude for this gift of knowing. I spent many years without knowing where I was going or how I was going to do it. This feels much better!

Many blessings to all of you, friends!

In Love and Light,








  1. Well done and continued success! I can empathise, for 6 years I juggled home, child care, part-time work and college life but it was worth every moment in the end. Now I’m being given the opportunity to continue my learning by attending ICASSI this August in Bonn something I never thought possible 12 months ago! Remain true to yourself and follow your dream!

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