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Today has been a good day…an extremely good day. I’ve been working hard to complete a ton of tasks every evening after working an 8-hour shift at my new job. I’m a bit tired at night, but it’s that good kind of tired, where I feel like I’ve done plenty and then some. Do you know what I mean?

I feel like I’m contributing to my well-being and the well-being of others in a wide variety of ways. I’m learning the routine at work. I’m preparing two new online classes for those who are interested in diving deeper into self-awareness and spirituality. And, in-between, I’m looking for a place to live that is closer to work.

There is so much to do, but, at the same time, it’s exciting to be creating this new chapter in my story. I’m energized and anxious to get back to my personal computer after working all day so I can do things like write my blog, plan for my move, and maintain all of the paperwork that goes with the territory. I never thought it would feel this good to be so busy.

I believe this is a positive experience because I’m remaining open to all possibilities and taking each task, one at a time. If I looked at everything all at once, I might have a meltdown – LOL! Since there is no time for that, I have had to find a different way to handle my “to-do” list. It’s working. I’m content throughout the day, checking off the tasks, one by one, as I follow through on my obligations and responsibilities.

I’m sharing this with you today because it’s a bit surprising to me that I’ve been dealing with so much in such a peaceful way. I’m grateful…I can’t adequately express just how grateful I am, but it’s more than ever before. I’m going to continue to move forward and I intend to enjoy each new day and every experience along the way.

Thanks for reading! Blessings!

In Love and Light,




  1. Heh Kathleen!
    I love how your life continues to unfold. I am proud of you!
    I am moving into the role of Adult Ed Director. I am wondering, how do you set up an online class? I am not very tech savvy…is it hard to do?
    Best wishes on your new adventure!

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