Another New Beginning

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The day is here and I’m filled with joy. I officially begin as the spiritual leader at Unity of Central Massachusetts TODAY! It’s exciting, amazing, and exhilarating to think about all of the possibilities open to us now as a spiritual community.

We’re experiencing a heat wave this week and this is yet another new experience for me. When I lived in Florida, every building (for the most part) had central air conditioning. It’s not that way up here. I live on the third floor with open windows and a fan. I’m not going to lie – it’s been uncomfortable. Haha!

I’m taking this as a life lesson. I’m observing how I react to the intense heat. I’m also thinking of new ways to cool down and I’m taking a break from the heaviness of the air around me by going places where there is a working A/C.

I bring this up now because the experience of moving to a new geographical area definitely plays a part in my spiritual leadership approach. The lessons I learn about myself can be shared with members of our Unity community. In fact, yesterday, during our Book Study group, I shared from the heart. I told the participants about my triumphs and my challenges. My approach is to be authentic, genuine, and loving. I think they get that and they’ve welcomed me as a result.

I’m going to savor this day. I’m going to be present and enjoy interacting with those attending today’s Sunday celebration. And, I’m going to embrace this new role with a loving attitude. It’s going to be a great beginning to a beautiful relationship! Namaste, friends!


In Love and Light,




  1. Thanks for a great class yesterday! Yes, I get it… and it is what I need and appreciate! Welcome today on your first official day of so many more to come. … a grand adventure!! You have been God sent!

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  2. Congratulations!
    Living on the 3rd floor, you might have to invest in a window AC unit. This week is going to be brutal. I don’t ever recall a heat wave lasting more than 3 days, but here we’re looking at a week – argh! Stay cool, K!

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