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Coincidence…I Think Not 🙂

Are We Listening???


Balance is Tricky

Going Within

Facing the Unknown

Favorite Daily Readings

No More Theorizing for Me

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Questions Being Answered

And Today’s Topic is…

Time to Recharge

Definitions Change Over Time

Driving Is Different Now

Let’s Work Together

I Am a Life Coach…

Beautiful Day, Beautiful Life

Today’s Affirmations

Striving for Excellence, not Perfection

Realization #1,001

We Are The Reminder

Acceptance, Not Approval

Adjustments Galore

Affirmations with 7 Syllables

Pause…then Respond

Feeling Energized

It is April 2nd, right?

Beautiful Day

Time to Reflect

Time to Focus: Online Classes

The Essence of Prayer

A Day of Observation

Releasing Worry

I Want to Understand…